Daniel Braybrook

Taliban in control in Afghanistan after seizing presidential palace

1. Afghans clamber onto plane to flee country after Taliban victory [See more]

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Shining a light on the ongoing plight of the people of Beirut

On 4th August 2020 more that 200 people were killed and over 7,000 injured when an explosion rocked Beirut’s port.  It is estimated that 300,000… [See more]

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Future of News Publishing: Video Journalism, UGC, and the importance of YouTube

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) continues to proactively address the global need for reliable news and insight about China – not easy when… [See more]

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How can publishers set up shop on the social high street of the future?

Informed observers have been predicting that the internet would transform commerce since the 1990s, but 2020 was the year their prophecies finally… [See more]

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