The world is diverse: How brands can increase diverse representation with user-generated video

 A new global survey by YouGov has revealed that advertisements are still failing to meet demands for diverse representation.  At a global level, two… [See more]

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The influencer is dead, long live the creator

OK, so my headline might be a bit sensationalist. I don’t really believe that the power of the influencer has gone up in flames – it’s a massive… [See more]

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Brand Generated Content v User Generated Content

Spoiler alert! Consumers are a savvy bunch, they’re not blindly loyal to your brand like they once were. In addition, they’re used to, and… [See more]

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2021 UGC Trends - How authentic do brands really want to be?

Covid-19 pushed brands to find alternative solutions to big budget, high production value campaigns - the traditional expectations for high impact… [See more]

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Look on the Fried Side of Life: Was KFC right to mimic one of lockdowns greatest viral videos in its latest ad campaign?

KFC’s latest social media advert invites you to take a Kentucky Fried staycay, a COVID-friendly alternative to the tropical vacay you may have had… [See more]

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Adapting to the new normal: The power of Storytelling using User-generated content

Now more than ever, staying connected matters most of all and as we're all in lockdown, people are sharing their stories and experiences of… [See more]

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