Adapting to the new normal: The power of Storytelling using User-generated content

Now more than ever, staying connected matters most of all and as we're all in lockdown, people are sharing their stories and experiences of quarantine life through videos, helping everyone to stay connected across the globe.

UGC is shining a light on the positive stories across the globe

We've noticed brands are embracing the power of user-generated videos and it's been brilliant to see how quickly they have switched campaigns to create innovative, dynamic and relevant content in challenging times - all to help keep spirits up across the nation.

Given the present state of low trust, businesses will have to fill a further void, that of credible information. With this in mind, we've seen for ourselves that UGC is shining a light on telling the real stories from members of the public that can help to lift community spirits, especially during these uncertain times.

UGC in action with Virgin Media & Oreo

Earlier this week, we were pleased to have worked with Virgin Media on their ‘Stay home, stay safe, stay connected’ campaign where UGC is telling the story of how people are spending their time in isolation, championing all the ingenious ways we are all building connections.

We were also pleased to work with @LocomotiveCntnt on a great campaign for @Oreo. We love seeing brands adapting quickly to the lockdown and harnessing user-generated content to tell creative and inspiring stories! Check it out below.

Why use UGC?

  1. Brand Loyalty: Content created by other users is highly valuable and helps establish trust and brand loyalty.
  2. Authenticity: UGC is valuable content created by members of the public and can play a huge role in upping your brand credibility over brand-created content. They're real stories, told by real people, nothing staged here.
  3. Encourages Engagement: When it comes to social media, user-generated videos offer tremendous potential for share-ability.

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