Shooting the Breeze – Spectacular Weather User-Generated Video for TV and Film

Did you know the average person spends about six months of their life discussing the weather?

It’s no secret that people, and Brits in particular, love nothing more than shooting the breeze (don’t mind the pun) about the weather.  And why not - it’s fascinating, constantly-changing, spectacular, brutal, and sometimes just downright bizarre. 

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Weather Matters

Weather matters, from planning our daily lives to understanding the impact of climate change. Most people check the weather at least once a day, and extreme events from floods, hurricanes, and thunder snow, to heatwaves, droughts and wildfires never fail to grab our attention.  

There have been big-budget Hollywood films about extreme weather events; it’s the stuff of many a great factual documentary, and there are even highly successful reality shows entertaining us with the world’s funniest weather videos.  Because it’s not just weather itself that’s a cause of fascination, but the human stories about how it impacts so many aspects of our lives that truly captures the imagination.

In researching our fascination with weather, I read a quote that said, “weather is ideally suited to the electronic age, because it's constantly in motion, frequently fast-moving, ubiquitous and visually beautiful.” Social media has served as a great platform for sharing weather experiences and having contemporary weather conversations, and this has driven an explosion of weather-related user-generated video (UGV) as people harness the power of video to tell stories of weather events impacting their lives in an engaging and informative way. 


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Capturing Weathers most memorable moments

Weather is a spectacle that demands to be shared.  Tropical storms, monster hail, lightning strikes, mudslides, sturgeon moon… you name it, Newsflare has it.  Raw footage of every conceivable weather event has been captured by our 45,000+ filmers.  The power of UGV provides a fresh angle or unique human story that would otherwise go undocumented.  And through our partnership with Accuweather, we also deliver instant access to critical breaking weather news stories from around the world.  

Are you a TV producer, filmmaker or a publisher working on, or planning to create, a weather or climate show?  Get in touch and let's see how Newsflare can help you find the best user-generated clips for your project.

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