How has the Covid Crisis Impacted TV Producers? 5 minutes with Ian Rumsey

The heavy restrictions that production companies suddenly faced, and still face, during lock down has meant producers have had to innovate quickly in an effort to survive. Whilst much of the industry has had to completely halt production at the height of the crisis, a number of productions were able to adapt quickly and set up crews to shoot and edit from home.

To find out how, I called on my friend Ian Rumsey, Director of TV Production at ITN Productions, to hear how they were able to adapt and what he thinks the future holds for the TV production industry post covid.

In this video, we explore:

  • How speed and adaptability were key for them to keep producing.
  • Working with reduced budgets means that creativity isn't just coming up with a great idea for a programme.
  • As we come out of lock down, what kind of programmes will broadcasters and audiences want?

"I think it's remarkable really how when you're forced to do something, you do find solutions and you do adapt!" - Ian Rumsey

Enjoy the chat and if you have any thoughts or questions, get in touch with Ian or I below.Get In Touch

You can also watch the full 15 minute conversation below where we go into some more depth looking at:

  1. Readjusting Overnight
    How ITN Productions reacted quickly to plan, edit and film content
  2. Operation Lockdown
    How 90% of ITN Production's workforce adapted immediately
  3. Innovating and delivering programmes with reduced budgets
    How technology and user-generated video played a part to help ITN deliver programmes at speed on a low-budget
  4. The bigger picture for ITN
    Changing perceptions on remote working, funding models, exploring bulk content deals and diversifying the workforce, opening up the industry to reflect the true nature of society.

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