All-access sports shows, and how UGV can help drive established audiences to the factual genre


Sport has always provided the playbook for successfully engaging audiences, and live sports shows in particular have been the big-ticket entertainment broadcasts that people watch on TV.

So, why then should sports producers and buyers care about user-generated video (UGV)? Well according to MIPCOM, one of the biggest trends in factual and non-scripted TV right now is all-access sport.

UGV offers the chance to take huge established live sport audiences and drive them into the factual genre.


Make sports programming all-access with UGV

Audiences want to live and breathe their favourite sports. Sure, they want to watch live matches and events, but they also want immersive experiences, they want to capture the zeitgeist and the meaningful stories behind the action, as well as the actual game or event itself. After all, sport is not just about the game or even the trophies. It’s about the passion, the fans, the sense of community and shared experience.

As well as exploring the stories of success and sporting triumph, UGV also offers a chance to shine a light on the darker side of sport, opening eyes and minds to the human stories behind the glory, such as prejudice and racism, stories the media doesn’t typically cover.

By leaning into UGV, producers and broadcasters can acknowledge fans’ growing appetite for content that goes beyond the live event or match.

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Life, with all its colour and craziness, sights and sounds, triumphs, and tragedies, is the greatest show on earth. A spectacle that demands to be shared with audiences everywhere, through engaging, captivating, and enthralling user-generated video.

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