Terror attack anniversaries: how is it possible for producers to offer a new perspective of these tragedies?

The London terrorist attack of 7th July 2005 was a watershed moment for user-generated video (UGV). The unsuspecting passersby to this unspeakable tragedy were the ones that recorded the history that tells the true story. We tell their stories. The same can be said of the Manchester Area bombing in May 2017, the London Bridge terror attack in June of the same year, and the multitude of other terrorist attacks committed all over the world.  

These are defining moments that demonstrate just how integral UGV has become when reporting on breaking news stories and the piecing together of event timelines by production teams.

Ahead of the anniversaries of these events, a host of TV documentaries and programmes are aired to remember, and help people understand these shocking moments in modern history. But with so many documentaries and programmes being made, how is it possible to offer a new perspective of these tragedies?

The answer is….

Manchester Arena Terror Attack

Terrorist Attack Videos


User-generated video (UGV) – an immersive approach to factual and documentary filmmaking


When making the 2021 National Geographic documentary series 9/11: One Day in America, director Daniel Bogada, said “I didn’t see the point of just doing something that had already been done...we didn’t want to do illustration – we wanted to do immersive."

Nothing is more immersive than UGV.

UGV is an invaluable storytelling tool because it is unparalleled in terms of its authenticity, connection, and relevance to the audience, whilst also being unparalleled in its ability to be truly immersive. It captures otherwise unseen and untold moments in raw ways that simply cannot be created, and as such helps to deliver truly compelling storytelling narratives and the deeper connection to these shocking moments in modern history that audiences crave. Likewise, it’s what buyers want.  

When 9/11:One day in America was pitched to Bogado, what attracted him was that it promised to find the most extraordinary stories of the attack.  Unlike other documentaries, the series was UGV led, tied together by new interviews with survivors, and relatives of the victims of the atrocities that occurred that day.  

Cable networks, broadcasters and streamers want producers to bring them new ideas and explore different ways of thinking and production formats that can lead to exciting new factual projects.  

The audience knowsthis is real, this is what happened, you’re watching reality.

UGV offers an opportunity for producers to enhance and enrich factual and documentary show-making with authentic content that gives access to diverse characters and meaningful stories, fresh angles on moments in history, once-in-a-lifetime footage that has never been seen before, stories that cannot be recreated or re-enacted, and the chance to juxtapose archive or stock footage with contemporary narratives.

Take for example the Manchester Arena attack, the anniversary of which is coming up on 22nd May. UGV filmed in the minutes, hours and days after an extremist suicide bomber detonated a homemade bomb as concertgoers were leaving the area following a concert by Ariana Grande, provided dramatic on-the-scene footage as the event unfolded.  

This UGV footage can provide documentary and factual producers highly immersive and emotionally powerful new ways to reconstruct the event through multiple, diverse viewpoints.  Shining a light on under-reported aspects of the story and bringing to audiences previously unreported first-hand accounts.


September 11 Terrorist Attacks

Capture the moment in the most immersive way possible

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