MIPCOM Factual Trends: Activism, social change and the importance of UGV in informing, educating and entertaining audiences through diverse storytelling


There’s a long-standing three-way relationship between popular culture, social change, and the media. Today, in an era defined by climate change and our impact on the living world and marked by the rise of movements such as Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ and MeToo which challenge us to think differently, it has never been more important for TV buyers and commissioners to invest in authentic shows.

Shows that not only inform, educate and entertain, but that represent all parts of society - shining a light on critical issues and telling stories that disrupt the status quo and make people sit uncomfortably for a while. They have a responsibility, if you like, to make shows that contribute to the general public’s engagement with current events and critical social and environmental impact issues.

No wonder then, that one of the biggest trends in factual and non-scripted TV right now is activism and social change. Something that was discussed at MIPCOM earlier this month.


Tell it like it is with UGV

When TV audiences seek absolute truth from factual and non-scripted social activism programming, user-generated video (UGV) allows TV producers to respond in the most dynamic and authentic way possible.  

UGV offers the opportunity to tell stories with an absolute starting point in reality. It allows producers to not only tell a story, but to show the actual moment the story took place, as well as a chance to show the world and the stories shaping the environment and society through the lens of other people, from a myriad of perspectives.

Few things are more emotive than the stories and events shaping the world and society. Harnessing UGV in activism and social change programming guarantees audiences feel emotionally connected to a story. It delivers a level of genuine human connection that cannot be re-created. It brings an unrivalled level of humanity to storytelling and allows audiences to participate and interact with the stories around them every day, as with events, campaigns and movements of global significance.


Stay on top of factual TV trends with Newsflare UGV

Life, with all its colour and craziness, sights and sounds, triumphs, and tragedies, is the greatest show on earth. A spectacle that demands to be shared with audiences everywhere, through engaging, captivating, and enthralling user-generated video.

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Be in the know… let Newsflare help you uncover the unique content that will help you take the lead in activism and social change programming, one of the key trends in factual and non-scripted for 2022.  


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