Mind the gap – how independent producers can tap into user-generated video and compete with deep-pocketed streaming counterparts


Online demand for content grew as the world went into lockdown, a demand that continues to surge even as we come out the other side.  A recent report in the Financial Times (FT)  confirmed the big streamers – Netflix, Disney, and HBO – are rushing to meet demand for streamed video content, and that thanks to enticing tax breaks, their production country of choice is the UK.  Great news.

On the flip side, after battling with multi-faceted challenges during the pandemic - remote working, lack of resources, budget constraints and halted production schedules – the industry is now facing a skills shortage, and as the battle of the streamers continues to heat up it is independent UK TV producers that are being hit hardest.

According to the FT, deep-pocketed film producers have the upper hand over independent production companies, and these competitors are leaving local programme makers commissioned by UK broadcasters struggling to compete.


Time to challenge the status quo

Some independent producers are successfully raising the stakes - turning to user-generated video (UGV) to fill the skills gap and gain access to amazing stories that might otherwise never be told if left to the big-budget film makers.  Take Superjacket Productions for example…

“The Superjacket Production team has been licensing content for MTV's Ridiculousness from Newsflare for over 8 years and will continue returning to the well for seasons to come. Newsflare has a wide variety of content and an exceptional support team that is always available to help us mine for our uber-specific and often unique footage needs. Newsflare's support team is responsive, their platform is very easy to use, and their content is reliable – we can always count on Newsflare when we are in a bind.” 
– Marianne Childs, Clearance Supervisor at Superjacket Productions


Talent on tap

Long gone are the days when all the content we consumed was created by professionals.  Thanks to the increasing sophistication of the technology in our pockets, nearly everyone has the power to capture quality content – and they are generating and sharing it with others around the clock, and around the world.   

It’s possible to find user-generated videos of just about anything – viral clips of course, but also animals and nature, sport, science, weather, travel, true crime, global news, and events.



UGV is fresh content and is show-making talent on tap.  It’s cost-effective, you can get it straight into production, and most importantly it tells higher-impact, more compelling stories that capture attention and resonate deeper with audiences to keep them coming back for more.

Capture the moment, compete with the big guys 

Newsflare is the largest collection of rights-cleared user-generated video in the world. Access to our platform gives production teams the ability to create and tell new stories, come up with new formats and create great programmes.  Not only can you deliver your productions faster, more efficiently, and without licensing headaches, you can tap into an endless stream of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.


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