World Earth Day: user-generated video’s simple, yet effective power, to capture the moments that drive change

“Every moment is an organising opportunity, every person is a potential activist, every minute is a chance to change the world” (Delores Huerta)

22nd April 2022 is World Earth Day, celebrating a 50-year mission to diversify, educate, and activate the environmental movement worldwide. 

The first World Earth Day in 1970 would come to provide a voice to emerging environmental consciousness and put environmental concerns on the front page.  

Today in an era defined by the urgency to tackle climate change, one of the biggest trends in factual and non-scripted production is activism and social change - shows that not only inform, educate, and entertain, but that shine a light on critical environmental impact issues in the most dynamic and authentic way possible.   

Tourists visit southern China beach as bioluminescent algae illuminates coast

Climate Change Videos


Capture the moment to change it all

World Earth Day is recognised as the largest secular observance in the world, marked by more than a billion people around the globe – that’s a billion opportunities to raise awareness of environmental concerns, attract eyeballs to the biggest issues facing the natural world, and draw attention to the multitude of ways we can all do more to invest in our planet.

Where once we put environmental concerns on the front page, today we put them on social media.  User-generated video (UGV) is increasingly the medium by which people everywhere exert their simple yet effective power to make their voices heard and activate change.

For producers UGV offer a unique opportunity to not only tell a story, but to showcase the stories shaping our planet, but to show the actual moment those stories took place and from a myriad of different angles and perspectives.  

Harnessing UGV in activism and social change programming guarantees audiences feel emotionally connected to a story.  It delivers a level of genuine human connection that cannot be re-created.  It brings an unrivalled level of humanity to storytelling and allows audiences to participate and interact with the stories around them every day, as with events, campaigns, and movements of global significance – such as marking World Earth Day.  

Terrifying footage of photographers journey through heart of wildfire burning in California


The greatest television on earth

Life, with all its colour and craziness, sights and sounds, triumphs, and tragedies, is the greatest show on earth and it demands to be shared.   

Newsflare’s constantly growing global membership of filmers are out there capturing life as it happens, uploading new clips all day, every day, to our huge, ever-expanding vault. It’s alive with diverse, emotionally powerful content and fresh ideas that will resonate deeply with audiences everywhere. 

From climate activism footage, and evidence of the damage caused by waste and pollution, to extreme weather footage and incredible wildlife clips, we will help you uncover the unique content needed to take the lead in activism and social change programming, not just on World Earth Day, but every day.


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