Celebratory Days and Key Events – From weird, wild, and heart-warming videos to the most shocking clips that will make your jaw drop!

User-generated video (UGV) is shaping your audiences, whether you realise it or not.  Polished, professionally produced videos don’t go viral anymore.  It’s the stories and experiences users create and share on video-centric platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok that now generate the most views, likes and shares.

UGV is no longer the colour or the supporting content; it’s setting the agenda and leading the coverage - breaking news and providing first-on-the-scene footage, telling immersive stories, and entertaining audiences as they scroll through their feeds.  


Because the value of UGV lies in its ability to immerse us in real events, stimulate emotional responses, deliver richer experiences, and indulge our growing need to feel more connected to the moments that matter.

Capture the moments that matter to audiences

Our amazing global community of filmers are out there day and night capturing life’s most spectacular, bizarre, jaw-dropping, and heart-warming moments on video, which you can tap into to attract more eyeballs and grow both advertising and subscription revenues.  And now we’ve made it easier than ever for you to tell the stories that matter most to your audiences.

A timeline of the most celebrated days captured with breath-taking UGV

Our celebration days’ timeline offers instant access to captivating UGV clips from a diverse range of key events and anniversaries.  From the bizarre hangover day and the quirky national peanut butter celebration, to days that show appreciation for men and women, mothers and fathers, siblings, and friends. As well as landmark remembrance holidays, religious holidays, and days which focus our hearts and minds on the most pressing issues facing the survival of our planet.  

We’ve pinpointed 60 + 1 dates that will inspire and delight your audiences the most.  Not forgetting of course, National Videography Day.  An annual celebration of the art, craft, science, and history of videography, and an opportunity for us here at Newsflare to show our appreciation to all our filmers around the world capturing and sharing their videos with audiences on every platform.

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Download Celebratory Calendar


A calendar of the biggest not-to-be-missed events

We’ve also pulled together a calendar featuring 40 of the biggest events, so you can maintain the cadence of content your audiences expect.

This timeline features big moments in modern history such as the Capitol Attack, murder of George Floyd, and huge weather events, in addition to major national holidays and celebrations including LGBTQ pride month, black history month, Memorial Day and Juneteenth.

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Download Landmark Anniversaries Calendar

Great stories happen to those who tell them

Moments that matter are being captured everywhere, all the time.  Your audiences are hungry to see them. 

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