Celebrating Women's History Month


As we mark Women's History Month, a month dedicated to the contributions of women in events that have shaped the world we live in today, we have curated this collection of amazing clips.

From 'Glam-putee' Kristy Eastman discussing her hard but empowering journey to a mother in India walking 8km a day carrying her disabled son to school, we are shining a light on influential, courageous, kind-hearted and humorous women around the world to help our publishers celebrate women's history month with inspiring stories from around the globe.


71-year-old grandma from India defied her age as she went paragliding for the first time in the Himalayas

'Glam-putee' Kristy Eastman discusses hard but empowering journey of losing her leg and regaining her life

Determined mother in India has to carry disabled son 8km to school every day

Creative UK mum creates bowling alley at home for her children


Mom teaches deaf daughter 'happy Father's Day' in sign language

Woman pumps iron while nine months pregnant with twins

This is what love looks like between a baby and mom

Mother and daughter rescue koala bear after hit-and-run incident on Aussie road

Mum of three is kept busy during COVID-19 lockdown

Woman with cerebral palsy conquers climbing wall


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