Introducing ReuBekah Vidz; Newsflare's favourite pranking couple

Reuben and Rebekah are part time jokers but full time legends. It's not everyday you see a real-life couple outwardly tricking and seeking revenge on one another, triggering a long-running prank war between the pair. Having started out two years ago, connecting on a humourous level - they've now taken it to the next level.

One of our personal favourites for its shock factor was the Duck - Was Strip Prank, this sold to Associated Press, Express Newspapers, The Sun and MetroExpress. Rebekah's laugh adds to the shock and horror of the prank making this a truly viral video and a must watch for all!

Two years on they have over 65 videos on their own YouTube channel  and a Facebook page with over 55,000 page likes. Both Reuben and Rebekah have become more and more imaginative with their pranks. The Newsflare team caught up with Reuben to find out how it all started and what's in store for them both....

What is your background?

ReuBekah Vidz has been around for just over a year and a half. We have always been quite jokey with each other from the start of our relationship, it was our humour that got us together and probably keeps us together now, as Rebekah drives me up the wall haha. We have always played pranks on each other and then one day decided to record one, as we enjoyed our reactions so much. We showed the  video to friends and family and they suggested us posting it on social media and here we are!


What is a typical day look like for you?

A typical day for us is no different from any other persons I guess. We both have full time jobs, Rebekah is a mum of two and works in a country pub, and Reuben works for the local council.
A typical evening normally consists of us editing videos we've recorded (well I edit whilst Rebekah sits with her feet up watching a film lol) and being on edge with what the next prank is going to be from one another!


What's their inspiration for making videos in general?

Every since we first met we have always been a jokey couple, in fact it was our sense of humour's that got us together and has probably kept us together.
We just started playing silly little pranks on each other to begin with, like hiding each others keys, make each other jump etc. But our reactions to these made us laugh so much that we one day decided to record them. We showed other people and they laughed so we decided to start posting them online for other people to watch and here we are now really.


What inspired you to start uploading videos to Newsflare?

We first heard about Newsflare when they contacted us about licensing our first viral video "The Ketchup Bomb" they were offering the best commission on the video and pay within 24 hours for every sale.

What is your favourite video?

My favourite video is The Ketchup Bomb, I think that's because of the surprise of it, as he didn't expect it to explode like that, and the mess it created.

Rebekah has two favourite videos. It's a toss up between either ' Wasabi Toothpaste' or ' Cat Food Pie'. Wasabi toothpaste because l had just woken up and was completely clueless about anything that was happening, and cat food pie just because the look on my face when l found out what l was eating was priceless - we both still laugh now every time we see it!

What gadgets do you own?

Rebekah is gadget mad, so because of this we own lots of them, even ones we don't need or use! Haha! We both have an iPhone, 4 laptops between us, we have three cameras; a GoPro, a Canon G7X, and Rebekah has a sony digital camera. But filming is accessible for all and can easily be done on an Android or iPhone!


What's next for you?

What's next for us is more videos really and expanding our channel more.
We very often get asked to make challenge videos by our followers, and as we love a good challenge so we are always up for those. We have also just started to vlog which we are also enjoying, and of course the pranks (when we are not getting caught out) but all in all, it's just more videos and expand our following.

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