'Limited Originality' on Facebook - Newsflare's Tips

With some recent chat about Facebook penalising videos of "Limited Originality," we wanted to talk with some of our biggest partners who have continued to crush it on Facebook. Here is what they told us about running successful pages - without skirting Facebook's content policies
  1. Tell the Story: User-generated content has a powerful ability to stop your audience from scrolling and boosting your page's watchtime. In the age of self-isolation, now more than ever, people want to see how everyone else is doing and what everyone else is doing. Your brand has an identity and a style all its own, embrace that and tell the story in the way you think your audience will want to hear it.
  2. Make it Feel Unique: UGC videos are some of the most shared videos on the internet, there is a reason a lot of publishers on Facebook want to use them!  However that comes with some pitfalls; Facebook is keen to stop the spread of identical videos. This is mainly as a result of the proliferation of meme pages that are all using the same content. The most successful of our partners cut and edit content in a way that is unique to them, with their personal edits, their overlays, and their music choices. It may be someone else's video but you're telling the story, do it your way. 
  3. Look Beyond Corona! The global pandemic has given the digital landscape plenty of fodder in the last few months but people are looking for variety. Sometimes they want to know what's trending in this strange time, sometimes they need distance from it. There is a lot that can still shock, amaze and warm the hearts of your audience who may need the distraction from the reality of today. Whether it's a pod of glowing dolphins in California, a dad who took a picture of his daughter every day for a decade, or just walking fish in China. We have a variety of videos that will stop those scrolling thumbs!

If you have any questions about how you and your team can get the most out of Newsflare's platform let me know

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