Celebrating World Animal Day - Why animal videos have big brand boosting power

Today is World Animal Day - a day focussed on creating a world where animals are recognised as sentient beings, with full regard paid to their welfare.  

Watching animals on TV, social feeds or our favourite websites is certainly a global pastime.  From cute camera-loving penguins to adorable family pets, mountain gorillas, a rampaging lizard, or even a skateboarding samoyed - animals offer something for every possible viewing pleasure.  

Animals almost always make it on to our trending user-generated video (UGV) list here at Newsflare, and our Facebook channel Animal Antics has over 500,000 followers.

But animal videos also have incredible buying power.

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Why animals are a brand’s best friend

Put simply, animals evoke emotion - and emotion sells.

They may be adorable, funny, crazy, or terrifying, but user-generated videos of animals always generate an emotional response.  Our emotions are close to the surface when watching them, which inspires a strong reaction.  

95% of decision making happens at a subconscious level, driven by an emotional reaction rather than a rational response.  Research has shown that even short bursts of watching animals can have a positive effect on our emotions and decrease anxiety levels.

People make instant decisions with their subconscious.  For brands this is important, because the quicker you can make an emotional connection with audiences, the better.  

Animal UGV is a highly-powerful tool for driving engagement, building emotional connections with brands, promoting buying power, beating the scroll, and attracting attention on busy social feeds.  I know I’m often stopped in my tracks by a heart-warming animal interaction or crazy critter caper, and I am definitely not alone.

Tourists freeze by pool as wild elephants drop in for a drinkWildlife Videos


Forget the insurance selling bulldog, meerkats, and drum playing gorilla – brands need animal authenticity

Consumers are 2.4x more likely to say user-generated content (UGC) is more authentic than brand-created content.  Consumers are searching for authenticity, and brands can win back their hearts and minds by getting real with UGV.

Brands don’t need to mimic animals, use CGI, storyboard or direct the action.  They simply need to tap into the limitless energy of filmers.  

People love filming animals and uploading them to Newsflare.  Dig into our 300,000 strong vault and you’ll definitely find something original, authentic, and emotionally-compelling – ‘real’ moments of animal advertising gold.  In fact, we have over 22,000 animal clips alone – precious and unique moments, surprising moments of animal talent, genuine moments of emotion and interaction, and moments of cuteness and laughter.

Let us inspire you with a tailored folder of licensed UGV animal clips bespoke to your needs. Or why not give us your brief and we’ll reach out to our 40,000 strong filmer community and ask them to provide the unique video you need for your next smash hit advert or marketing campaign.  Get in touch today.

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