The UGC Advantage: Five Reasons to Stop Using Stock Footage

The ways that audiences are creating and consuming content is changing.  In an era where it’s easier than ever to be dealt misinformation and false news, audiences are adapting to find and engage with the content that matters most to them.  I know, I know - this is nothing new – audience participation is a concept as old as content itself. 

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With almost everybody armed with a smartphone, nowadays nothing goes undocumented.   Everyone is a content creator, capturing moments in time and posting them for all to see. But more often than not, production companies and broadcasters alike fail to use this valuable footage to its full advantage, relying instead on stock footage. Why?

Stop using stock footage!  Trust in broadcasters and news organisations is lower than ever before, and as the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted all too well, user-generated content (UGC) taps into a real desire for human connection, strengthens communities and takes stories global. With ever-expanding amounts of UGC being created, now is the time to unlock the potential of a user-generated content strategy.

User-Generated Content v Stock Footage: Five Reason to Make the Switch

1. UGC Works Harder than stock footage

Online video will soon account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic. Audiences want more of it, and you need to tap into it. At Newsflare, we provide a broad and deep archive of UGC, as well as access to a vast network of active contributors delivering fresh content every day, so time and budget constraints are no longer valid excuses for returning time and again to stock footage.  UGC is available, it's cost effective, you can get it straight into production, and most importantly it will tell higher-impact, more compelling stories that resonate deeper with audiences.

2. Produce the stories that shape the world

The world won’t wait for you. Audiences hear the call to play their part in creating the stories they want to see. Old stock footage cannot possibly keep pace with a constantly-evolving world narrative. UGC is fresh content on tap. With vast archives that even the likes of Shutterstock can’t compete with, and crowdsourced content and expert research teams at your disposal, UGC providers offer the opportunity to get more creative, and get the stories that are shaping the word into production quickly.

3. Always be in the moment

UCG keeps content interesting. It’s infinitely more creative and engaging than stock footage. Where stock footage looks staged and exhausted, UGC is genuine and authentic. UGC tells it like it is by shining a light on the real moments that help create a truly compelling narrative. It also offers the chance to tell a story from a myriad of perspectives, and with a level of genuine human emotion that cannot be created.

4. Get real

When you’re in constant competition for audience attention, authenticity is critical.  Audiences view UGC as more trustworthy, truthful and authentic than curated content or stock footage.  In fact studies have shown UGC to be the most authentic and influential form of content.  So get real - UGC is not just cats and people falling over, its multifaceted content that offers an unbiased view of the world, created without an agenda.

5. Create that water cooler moment

Where curated content recites information, UGC empowers conversation. By switching to UGC you could realise as much as 50% more engagement with audiences. Producing creative, authentic stories that capture the imagination is a key differentiator in an increasingly competitive environment. UGC sparks conversation, and your clients want to be talked about.

Stop using stock footage, there’s a better way! 

Audiences want to feel connected to a story, are seeking ways to actively engage, and are demand deeper levels of authenticity.  This beggars the question – by using stock footage, are you giving your audiences what they want?

Newsflare makes accessing and getting UGC into production easy.  We specialise in sourcing and providing video to news to production companies around the world. You can search and buy videos filmed by our diverse community, and we'll help you find the content your team needs - from trending and viral videos to breaking news footage. Our multi-lingual team meticulously verify and clear the best videos, enabling you to produce, publish and broadcast with absolute confidence.

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