Stories not Stock: 3 Reasons Why You Should Use UGC Instead of Stock Video

Video content is an essential part of a brand’s marketing strategy, and while stock footage has been a reliable go-to in the past, forward-thinking companies are looking to user-generated content for their video needs.

UGC has grown to be more reliable, authentic, and effective than stock video, so why not make the change? To help you make the move to UGC, let’s delve into 3 reasons why you should.


It gets people talking

Shot by real people, in real situations, experiencing real emotions - its authenticity that cannot be replicated in a studio. Capitalising on a viral moment is the easiest way to get audiences talking about your brand in a natural way. Working with UGC marketplaces like Newsflare ensure your marketing or content teams always have video on-hand to start the conversation.


It’s cost-effective

Video production comes at a high-cost. Studios, videographers, directors and an entire team of creatives come with a hefty price tag at the end of it all. While this may work for one-off campaigns, if you’re in need of a stream of video content a long-term subscription model will offer you more bang for your buck.


It’s story-telling, not stock

The world is a diverse place, and the people that make it up come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Using UGC in your video content provides a unique opportunity to highlight different people, and their stories. This variety can help to give your brand a more authentic feel, ultimately increase brand trust.



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