MIPCOM Factual Trends: Why UGV is proving to be a great medium for innovative modern history programming


TV has always been a powerful medium for delivering compelling and engaging insights into history and ensuring the stories of the past reach a mass audience. This was reinforced once again at MIPCOM 2021, with the continued rise of modern history being ranked as a top 3 factual trend during a session on What’s next for non-scripted, hosted by K7 Media.

Serious money is being invested in historical content right now. Sure, you can point to The Crown, The Queen’s Gambit and Bridgerton. But innovation in historical programming is not just the realm of the glossy period drama or re-enactments.

Audiences love these programmes, of that there is no doubt. But the clever bods monitoring TV trends and viewing habits report audiences are looking to cast a more critical lens over the events of the past, particularly in the contemporary history genre, with the impact of such events still shaping society today.


Build a richer picture of what modern history

Audiences want to investigate the reality of the past, and they want to indulge in the inescapable humanness of authentic historical storytelling.

User-generated video (UGV) offers an opportunity to enhance and enrich modern history show-making with authentic content that gives access to the diverse characters and meaningful stories of the past. Fresh angles on moments in history, once-in-a-lifetime footage that has never been seen before, stories that cannot be recreated or re-enacted, and the chance to juxtapose archive footage with contemporary narratives.

UGV is a rich and diverse gold mine of modern history treasures that have the power to engage diverse audiences and attract new viewers to historical factual and non-scripted entertainment.



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