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How first-person video helps to counteract misinformation

A wealth of misinformation, viral lies, overwhelming uncertainties and twisted truths amplifying falsehoods; no wonder some of us may be feeling anxious about the upcoming 2020 US Presidential Elections.

A false narrative field has emerged, spreading rapidly through social media, but one thing is for surethe job of the media remains the same: debunk false information and tell the story from legitimate voices in our polarised world.

“There are many bad actors on social media, seeking to pedal misinformation” – David Hickey, Editor in Chief 

Yes, I’m feeling pretty exhausted after months of COVID-related misinformation, but I am pleased to see media organisations like Twitter taking big strides forward to counteract misinformation, and a new study with Newsworks found that 66% of UK news consumers saying they ‘appreciate and value journalism more since the global coronavirus pandemic began’. 

We still have some way to go to restoring truths, but as more people are turning to trusted brands for information and relying on this information to help them orientate, connect, calibrate, thrive, escape and survive, first-person video builds the solid foundation of this truth, bringing people together and disseminating trusted information.

People trust people

The beauty of first-person video is that it’s real human voices, it's, diverse, it's inherently authentic, and because of that it can emotionally connect. And it's a video of ordinary humans doing quite often extraordinary things. – David Hickey, Editor in Chief

In their pursuit for greater understanding and ‘the truth’ audiences respond far better to eye-witness video.

                       Eye-witness video lets the truth be the truth. – Amir Samarghandi, Elections Editor 

Watch time is longer, click throughs are higher, loyalty increases. Audiences are far more engaged, connected and trusting of publishers and brands that use first person video as a central component of their content creation.

By its very nature it is authentic and cuts through the noise to bring audiences, as they see it, closer to the truth and able to make sense of what is happening in the World.

Newsflare will continue to stick to the facts, be transparent, disclose to our clients what we don't know as well as what we do know. We will source and verify the most compelling video from around the World to help our publishers, brands and partners build highly engaged and trusting audiences.

Debunk misinformation and get access to our expertise if you want to talk to us about knowing more about verifying content at scale. 

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