From Runway to Primetime - discover how the ‘world’s perfect toddler’ went from viral sensation to daytime TV star

When Abrianna was crowned 'World’s Perfect Toddler' at a pageant in Orlando, Florida on July 30th 2021, little did she know she was about to become not only a social media sensation, racking up over 19 million views on TikTok and almost 4 million on Facebook, but that she would become the ‘ultimate tiny over-achiever’, and appear on NBC Universal’s critically-acclaimed Kelly Clarkson show.

Social Success

The video was uploaded by Kristen Weaver, who not only filmed the video but was also a judge of the 'Miss' division.


"Abrianna is an angel, and I’m glad she’s making everyone so happy! She is World’s Perfect Toddler 2021!"


Kristen joined Newsflare on 18th August 2021, making this her debut into the world of licensing user-generated video.  But what a debut it’s been.

Within days of uploading, the video had gone viral, attracting positive reviews all over social media.   Thanks to Newsflare amongst other sales it has notably been sold to the Mail Online, (3.9 million views), Access Daily, Epoch Media (370,000 views) and most recently the Kelly Clarkson Show.

As entertainment

NBC Universal Syndication Studios produces and distributes the critically acclaimed daytime show hosted by former American Idol star Kelly Clarkson. Following the success of the clip, Abrianna and her mother were interviewed on the show which aired on October 11th 2021, during a regular feature entitled ‘What I’m Liking’ where the host selects her favorite viral video of the week. 

During the interview, Abrianna and her mother talked about how performing in pageants has helped the toddler grow in confidence, both on stage and off.

Abrianna already has 28 titles under her belt, so expect to see more success from this viral video sensation in the future.

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