User-generated content delivers real emotion to create highly engaged audiences

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Remember the two-second rule. No, I haven’t just dropped my snack on the floor!

The key finding of one of the largest on-going neuroscience studies in the world is that you only have two seconds to capture an audience's attention in the digital realm. This fact alone might strike fear into the hearts of publishers and brands all over the world. But it gets worse - according to the facial coding study conducted by Mars, in addition to capturing attention you also need to create an emotional connection.

The secret sauce of capturing audience attention is hotly contested.

To capture attention you need strong emotional appeal though dynamic visuals and audio. The more they are engaged the more they will trust, share, refer and simply watch. In return you get monetisation, and loyal audiences who choose you. With UGC you can develop a magic formula to combine emotion and simple testing to grow fast.

Attention is on the decline, emotion is on the rise.

What are you going to do to ensure your content is so compelling, no one wants to swipe past it? How are you going to capture peak attention, and contain the stimuli needed to trigger emotion?

With the help of our compelling user-generated content, our publishers are being creative with their content. Testing different formats have helped them spark audiences' attention and deliver a real emotional connection. Once you have the two together, you can trigger their impulse to stop, fully engage themselves in the stories leading to increased revenues from engaging content.

Try watching the video below without feeling something and then let your audience do the same!

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