3 Tips To Optimise Audience Retention

Turn Video Views into Dollars.

Newsflare's Channel Manager gives us 3 Tips on how to optimise UGC Video on Facebook so you can get more Ad Views and make more money on Facebook.

In the last month, 3 of Newsflare's long-form videos have had a big impact on our watch time on Facebook, around 1min 50s.

  • Build a theme and choose the right clips for your channels
  • Understanding and test video content on your channel
  • Build a narrative by threading clips together to tell a story

Expert advice


Go through the backlog of your content on your Facebook page so you can learn and understand the trends and themes of what content performs well and not so well for you.

Testing Content

Start creating content using videos around these themes and then you can try testing different titles and test different video lengths. Testing titles such as ''Top 100 Best Fail Moments' will indicate the length of your video so your audience knows that to expect.

Build a Narrative

Ensure your clips thread together to build a narrative, for example a wild animal battle will need to include – the build up to the battle, the battle taking place and the end of the battle.

Picking the right clips is the most essential part of growing your audience retention rates. Newsflare has a library of +200k stories ready to be told to help you build a narrative.

Get in touch to find out more granular insights around the formatting and styling that has proven to work on the videos below to build your audience retention rates and make more money on Facebook.

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Top 100 best fail moments | 13.9m Views

Top 100 Animal Fails | 5m views

Incredible Wild Animal Battles | 2m Views

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