Original programming for the holiday season: Why producers must spread a little UGV cheer this Christmas

Christmas television viewing figures fell to the lowest level on record in 2020, with the number of people switching on the box comparable to 1981.  

This decline has been partly blamed on evolving viewing habits, especially as the on-demand and streaming wars continue to intensify.

But this is also good news. As broadcasters, networks, and streaming providers all battle for Christmas TV viewers they are seeking more extensive and original TV offerings in 2021.

Curated Collections

Holiday Originals

The small screen still has a unique power to bring together families, friends, and perhaps even whole nations at Christmas. Of course, people love the traditional sugar and spice TV shows and annual reboots, but more and more they are also seeking out a different genre of carefully curated Christmas cheer.

Whether audiences want to feast on funny or cute clips, indulge their desire for nostalgia by celebrating special moments, or wish to take a moment of reflection and look back on some of the most memorable events of the year, for producers looking to capture the Christmas TV ratings unscripted, documentary and clip shows are definitely on the rise this year.


The year that was

2021 has been yet another milestone year, and the desire for an emotional connection to the stories shaping the world is as strong as ever.

Newsflare can help you indulge that desire. From the death of Prince Phillip to the anniversary of 9/11. From the fight for justice for Sarah Everard and the growing national movement around women’s safety, to Black Lives Matter demonstrations and Pride Marches. From fire & floods, to human acts of violence such as the Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan. From heart-warming moments to animal antics. From sporting heroism to crazy stunts.

Newsflare has every user generated video (UGV) moment of 2021 captured, licensed and ready to go.


Capturing the moments that matter to audiences this Christmas

No matter what type of holiday-themed programming you are looking to produce, Newsflare makes accessing and getting high quality user generated video into production easy.

We specialise in sourcing and verifying videos of every genre and format for production companies around the world. You can search and license from the 235,000 videos filmed by our diverse community. We'll help you find the content your production needs or crowdsource content by putting our 45,000+ creators to work on bespoke footage for your production.

For some inspiration why not take a look at some of our curated collections, or chat with a member of our production team to find out how we can help you build differentiated Christmas programming with UGV.


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