Newsflare invites you to capture and share life’s greatest moments

A refresh, an evolution! At one time or another we all have a desire to reinvent ourselves to achieve our dreams, likewise, there comes a time in the life of every company when we think about refreshing our brand and revitalising our market positioning. Now is that time for Newsflare.


We’re delighted to unveil our energised brand refresh and revitalised market positioning


Life, with all its colour and craziness, sights and sounds, triumphs, and tragedies, is a spectacle that demands to be shared with audiences everywhere, through engaging, captivating, and enthralling user-generated video.


Why refresh our brand?

Because we’re reinforcing our position as the world’s largest UGV marketplace and have the funding to further extend our lead as we continue to capture and share moments that matter.

Video continues to dominate the media landscape with consumption levels rising across a range of formats - online, social, connected, and linear TV.  We now spend nearly as much time streaming user-generated videos on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Facebook Watch as we do watching traditional TV. In fact, a recent research report exploring the creator economy found that user-generated content accounts for 39% of weekly media hours.

Producers, advertisers, and publishers want 'raw and authentic' content to connect with audiences who are devoting an increasing proportion of their attention to UGV. Our vision is to become the category leader for the monetisation of premium UGV.

This brand refresh is backed by a £5m investment which will be used to increase our global footprint, grow its talented team, and expand our reach across Europe, North America, and Asia. The creative construct behind the new brand concept celebrates the company’s ambition to give everyone a front-row seat to the greatest moments on earth captured on video.


What does this mean for our members?

Access to an accelerating global marketplace. Using the vehicle of the brand refresh and the new funding we will drive new customer acquisition making the marketplace for your videos even bigger. The platform is only going to get better too meaning you’ll get more exposure and earn more money faster.

What does this mean for our customers?


As we grow our 45,000 strong membership of filmers, we’ll be acquiring more videos, fast, offering you even more access to fresh ideas and amazing stories that might otherwise never be told. All with the assurance of immediate 100% trust verification.


What does this mean for our people and our stakeholders?


For our people our new creative vision mirrors their passion for storytelling, rewarding the creativity of a members and the important role they play in telling stories that need to be told and capturing the emotions and diversity of life.   

For our stakeholders, such as team members, filmers, customers, investors and partners the refresh crystallises our market positioning, creating a clear differentiated value proposition that is easy to relate to and understand.  This will, in turn, make us more effective at growing our business to the benefit of all those involved with it.

Our brand refresh is call to action for all the people capturing moments and telling stories through the power of video. We are proud to unveil our new brand identity, which celebrates the variety of these stories captured across the world.

Want to know more? Let us take you on a journey as we invite you to capture the moment and share life’s spectacle with audiences everywhere.

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