The world is diverse: How brands can increase diverse representation with user-generated video

 A new global survey by YouGov has revealed that advertisements are still failing to meet demands for diverse representation.  At a global level, two… [See more]

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Digital advertising spend is still on the rise but are your ads capturing consumer attention?

Digital advertising spend has increased dramatically worldwide in 2021. Global advertising spend is expected to surge by 10.4% to $634bn, whilst… [See more]

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The influencer is dead, long live the creator

OK, so my headline might be a bit sensationalist. I don’t really believe that the power of the influencer has gone up in flames – it’s a massive… [See more]

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Brand Generated Content v User Generated Content

Spoiler alert! Consumers are a savvy bunch, they’re not blindly loyal to your brand like they once were. In addition, they’re used to, and… [See more]

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2021 UGC Trends - How authentic do brands really want to be?

Covid-19 pushed brands to find alternative solutions to big budget, high production value campaigns - the traditional expectations for high impact… [See more]

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Cogs Whirring?

All five of the DIY ad remakes by members of the public of major ads in ITV’s "The People’s Ad Break" beat the originals on brand recall, we heard… [See more]

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