How the animals handle the heatwave

The UK has been in the grip of yet another heatwave this week, but it’s not just humans who’ve been forced to seek some shade.

Here are our top five videos of animals trying their best to cool down on a hot day:

Have you captured any video footage of animals that makes you laugh out loud, giggle or go awwwwww? Then if so we want to see it! Upload to Newsflare and you could make money!

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Everyone is going nuts for squirrel videos

Squirrels are becoming celebrities in their own right within the viral video world, with many having their own dedicated Instagram and YouTube channels.

We’ve seen a big rise in squirrel videos from Newsflare contributors over the last year, with the likes of Associated Newspapers, Right This Minute, New York Post, AOL, MSN and The Telegraph all licensing the videos.

Today, we’ve picked our best-selling squirrel videos to give you a little inspiration. The next time you see a pesky squirrel, just remember that it could potentially earn you money! You can  check out the full archive of squirrel videos on Newsflare here.

Up first, in one of my personal favourites from Newsflare member VivaFrei who is a creative genius when it comes to crafting the perfect viral video! Vivafrei uses a real live squirrel to pull out his daughter’s tooth using dental floss and granola. Does it work?! View the video to find out….

Back in 2014, one of vivafrei’s oldest videos shows a squirrel getting up close and personal and hovering apprehensively over a GoPro device before snatching it and scampering up a tree. Thankfully the GoPro was recovered after the squirrel dropped it to the ground!

This squirrel below shows a squirrel trying desperately to get into the house through the glass door while the curious cat watches on from inside. This squirrel must like living on the edge!

Amusing footage of an overweight ground squirrel struggling to get into its burrow in Russia has emerged from our Newsflare member, Maldoror. The video shows the chubby speckled ground squirrel, trying to get into its shelter, but struggling in the most adorable manner!

The footage below beautifully shows this athletic squirrel jump an impressive distance in slow motion!

So whenever you’re about do keep your eyes peeled for squirrels! From their ninja style ways to their clowning around – it all makes great footage for our clients and could potentially earn you money!

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A whale of a tale as Wales make the semi-finals

After Wales produced a sensational performance to beat Belgium, they now face Portugal for a place in the Euro 2016 final! In support and celebration of Wales we decided to share our favourite and best selling whales videos.

Up first is Newsflare member – jacobmakessciencefun. He captured some beautiful whales, heading North, just off Sydney. On a small boat with his son , they trialled a device to speak to the whales…it seemed to bring them to the boat like rats to the pied piper!

Next up, aA cool video emerged of a woman playing music to a false killer whale at the Vancouver Aquarium in Canada.

The footage, shows Chester, the whale, swirling in the water as a woman named Jessie plays him music from a music box pushed against the glass of his pool.


An amazing video emerged of an orca whale swimming underneath a paddleboarder off the coast of New Zealand.
The once-in-a-lifetime footage, captured off Kuaotunu beach, shows the killer whale swimming right next to boarder Luke Reilly.

Interviewed by a local news organisation about the experience, Riley said “This one just bee-lined it for me. He popped up about 10cm away from the back of my board.

If you have any videos of recent Whales encounters or Wales supporters this evening then do submit your videos to Newsflare!

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